Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1) Review: Irish Cozy Mystery

Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1) Review: Irish Cozy Mystery

Welcome to our latest review post where we dive into the world of cozy mysteries with “Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1): An Irish Cozy Mystery”. With its charming setting and intriguing storyline, this book had us hooked from the very first page. Published by Beaverstone Press, this delightful mystery transports readers to Ireland where we follow amateur sleuth Maggie Doyle as she unravels the secrets behind a mysterious death. Join us as we share our thoughts and insights on this captivating read that is sure to keep you guessing until the very end. So grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let’s explore the world of “Dial P For Poison”.

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Delve into the world of cozy mysteries with this intriguing tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Published by Beaverstone Press in April 2017, this book is the perfect read for those who enjoy a good mystery. With a file size of 2675 KB, you can easily dive into the story and get lost in its pages. The language used is English, making it accessible to a wide audience.

With text-to-speech and screen reader capabilities, this book is accessible to all readers. The enhanced typesetting and X-Ray feature add to the overall reading experience. Dive into the 328 pages of this gripping tale and get ready to be swept away by the twists and turns of the plot. Don’t miss out on this captivating read – order your copy today!

Captivating Mystery Plot with Irish Charm

Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue and charm with this captivating cozy mystery novel. Set in Ireland, the storyline is filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. The author’s attention to detail and unique storytelling style make this book a standout in the genre.

With its rich descriptions and well-developed characters, the novel transports you to the picturesque Irish countryside and immerses you in the mystery at hand. Whether you’re a fan of cozy mysteries or just looking for a new read, this book is sure to captivate you with its Irish charm and engaging plot. Don’t miss out on this delightful read!

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Engaging Characters and Well-Developed Relationships

When it comes to *Dial P For Poison*, one of the standout aspects of this cozy mystery is the engaging characters that populate the story. Each character is unique, with their own quirks and personalities that add to the overall charm of the book. From the feisty movie club members to the mysterious suspects, every character feels well-developed and three-dimensional, making it easy for readers to become invested in their lives and relationships.

Speaking of relationships, the interactions between the characters in Dial P For Poison are not only well-developed but also highly entertaining. The dynamics between the members of the movie club and their quirky friendships provide plenty of humor and heartwarming moments throughout the story. Additionally, the relationships between the suspects and the amateur sleuth are full of twists and turns, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the mystery. Overall, the well-developed relationships in this cozy mystery help to elevate the story and keep readers engaged from start to finish. If you’re looking for a fun and charming read with engaging characters and intriguing relationships, Dial P For Poison is definitely worth a look!

Recommendation for Cozy Mystery Lovers

If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries, you’ll absolutely adore this Irish-themed whodunnit that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The vivid descriptions of the Irish countryside and the charming characters make you feel like you’re right there in the story, solving the mystery alongside them. With a perfect blend of humor, suspense, and just a touch of romance, this book is a delightful page-turner that will leave you wanting more.

One of the things we love most about this book is the seamless integration of modern technology into the storyline, adding a unique twist to the classic cozy mystery formula. The author’s attention to detail is evident in every page, from the well-developed characters to the intricate plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end. With just the right amount of suspense and a healthy dose of Irish charm, this is a must-read for any cozy mystery lover looking for their next favorite book. So grab a cup of tea, snuggle up in your favorite reading nook, and prepare to be swept away by this captivating tale.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing numerous customer reviews of “Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1)”, we have compiled a summary of the key points and opinions shared by readers:

Review Summary
Maggie Doyle is an ex-cop for the San Francisco Police Department who left her job after she arrested her ex-husband for cheating on her. Maggie decides to move to Ireland to become a mixologist at her Aunt Noreen’s Movie Theater Café. Maggie finds out that her Aunt Noreen is being accused of murdering Sandra Walker on Whisper Island at the monthly movie club meeting. Maggie with the help of her UFO obsessed friend Lenny Logan, Sister Pauline and her puppy Bran try to help clear Aunt Noreen’s name. There is a recipe for a special cocktail included. I really enjoyed this hilariously funny cozy mystery novel.

A very enjoyable read that keeps. Go Maggie guessing until the end. I await the next book of the series.

Readers enjoy the humorous and engaging storyline, with a strong protagonist in Maggie Doyle. The inclusion of a special cocktail recipe adds an extra layer of charm to the cozy mystery genre.
I was sceptical of the title. However, it does not prepare one for the contents. I really was surprised at way the story and the characters developed. Can’t wait to read Maggie’s next adventure. Despite initial doubts about the title, readers found themselves pleasantly surprised by the depth of the story and character development, eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.
Not a bad read, but the main character really needs to be more likeable. Having the heroine not relatable throws shadows onto the other characters in the story so you end up not caring who done it. Some readers felt that the main character, Maggie, could be more relatable to improve the overall reader experience and engagement with the plot.
A fun mystery involving a town full of people with secrets they don’t want to tell. Add in a traitorous heart and you left wanting to see where it leads in the next book of the series. The intriguing storyline filled with secrets and twists kept readers invested in the plot, eager to uncover the resolution in future installments.
I think I found me a new fave cosy mystery slash crime writer the likes of Miss Marple.Maggie Doyle catches her attorney of a husband cheating and drunk driving – on her watch. A sucker punch, a divorce and a resignation from the US oilice force later, she is bunking with family & helping out keeping a coffee shop (and learning how to bake) on Whisper Island.The book reminded me of C.J.Archer’s Cleo Fox mysteries – except set in modern-day Ireland. The tone, humour and quick pace reminded me ofJanet Evanovich. Very enjoyable, fast paced read and the tone and language and subtle humour that draws you in from the first page. I’ll keep digging into the series coz I want to find out how officer Hottie flirts his way in with Maggie.Recommended for lovers of cosy mysteries, female sleuths, younger versions of Miss Marple and Cleo Fox mysteries and murder mysteries with a hot love interest. This reader praises the engaging and fast-paced narrative, drawing comparisons to other popular mystery series. The humor, tone, and dynamic characters make for an enjoyable read, especially for fans of cozy mysteries with strong female leads.
Enjoyed this book a lot. The characters were great and so was the story. I also love stories with animals characters too. Can’t wait to read the next one. Positive feedback on the well-developed characters and engaging storyline, with a mention of appreciation for animal characters. Readers are excited for the next book in the series.
Really enjoyed this book. Well written and plotted with some great characters. Particularly admired the subtle inclusion of the differences in English. One of my bug bears is American authors using American English in books based in England with English characters. This Irish author has created a credible American in Ireland. Readers appreciate the detailed writing and plot structure, highlighting the authenticity of the setting and characters. The inclusion of language nuances adds depth to the storytelling, distinguishing it from other cozy mysteries.
In my eyes (I am Noreens age) the characters are realistic and loveable. I am not sure if any movie theatres as small as Noreens existed back then, but you have to make crompromises since this book is not about economics but about a crime. Wait 10 more years and the new generations will ask what is a movie theatre… Seargent O’Shea serves all the stereotypes of a small town cop but it might be realistic sinceuntil now there is no real crime in his area and he will be more of a PR guy (which he isn’t acting either) As a free book it was a real gem too bad there are only 7 installment so far with the eightth next year. Hopefully the release doesn’t get pushed to a later date Hopefully the ‘Angel-Doyle’ spin of will be released on the 5th of Octobre as promised … This reader appreciates the realistic portrayal of characters and the charm of the small-town setting. The anticipation for future installments in the series is evident, reflecting the engaging nature of the storyline.
A new series from Zara Keane? Let me at it! I have reading Ms Keane since I first stumbled across her with the Ballybeg series, and I have enjoyed everything I have read since, and Dial P For Poison is no exception.I adored Maggie from when we first meet her. I like her take no prisoner, don’t mess with me attitude. I love that she doesn’t take any of the small town crap that is thrown at her.There is a rag tag bunch of characters that are just a hoot. Some I just loved, some, well, let’s just say I felt that may get what the deserve.There were so many twists and turns in this whodunnit, that we are kept guessing right up until the last minute who our culprit is.This book is just the right mix of humour, drama, mystery and suspense. There wasn’t any romance in this story, which I was kind of expected. However, it looks like we are getting set up for some in the next book in the series, The Postman Always Dies Twice.Can’t wait to see what adventures Ms Keane takes us on next. A dedicated fan of Zara Keane’s work praises the author’s ability to craft engaging and entertaining stories, with a focus on the intriguing plot and well-developed characters. The anticipation for the next book in the series is high, reflecting the reader’s enjoyment of the cozy mystery genre.
This easy to read murder mystery has many ‘cozy’ features with the main protagonist sleuth as ex-San Francisco cop Maggie Doyle moving to a rural low crime setting on an island off the west coast of Ireland. She comes to help her aunt who struggles to make a living running a café plus letting premises used by the local community. There is a death in the audience at a ‘movies’ night and Maggie’s aunt is arrested by an inept local policeman, leaving Maggie to investigate to prove her innocence.The ‘cozy’ feature of ‘Dial P For Poison’ is supported by detailing a cocktail recipe and describing Maggie’s efforts at baking in the café, plus a potential romantic element when a handsome additional police sergeant is sent to review the situation. Maggie produces a huge list of suspects ad she receives help from a wide variety of friends and family, together with individuals from her childhood on the island. The victim was not well liked but neither are all characters, and all are not helpful. Everyone seems to hold secrets and there are numerous twists and turns and a few red-herrings.With a pleasing degree of humour author Zara Keane skilfully weaves her ingredients into an entertaining and enjoyable ‘cozy’ mystery. She creates an engaging plot and develops a wonderful interwoven batch of characters, confirming ‘Dial P For Poison’ to at least deserve a 4-star rating. This detailed review praises the cozy elements of the mystery novel, highlighting the engaging plot twists and dynamic character interactions crafted by Zara Keane. The inclusion of humor and a loveable protagonist adds to the overall appeal of the story, earning it a positive rating from the reader.

Overall, the majority of readers found “Dial P For Poison” to be an engaging and entertaining cozy mystery novel, with a well-developed plot and humorous elements that keep them invested in the story. While some readers had minor critiques about character likability, the general consensus is positive, with many expressing excitement for future installments in the series.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Engaging plot with many twists and turns
2. Well-developed characters that are easy to connect with
3. Setting in Ireland adds a unique and charming element to the story
4. Fast-paced and keeps readers on the edge of their seat


1. Some readers may find the plot predictable
2. Limited depth in character development for secondary characters
3. Ending may feel rushed to some readers

Overall, “Dial P For Poison” is a thrilling Irish cozy mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end. While it has its flaws, the engaging plot and charming setting make it a worthwhile read for fans of the genre.


Q: Is “Dial P For Poison” the first book in the Movie Club Mysteries series?

A: Yes, “Dial P For Poison” is the first book in the Movie Club Mysteries series.

Q: Is this book suitable for fans of cozy mysteries?

A: Absolutely! If you enjoy cozy mysteries with a touch of Irish charm, then you’ll love “Dial P For Poison”.

Q: Are the characters in the book engaging?

A: The characters in “Dial P For Poison” are well-developed and engaging, making for a fun and intriguing read.

Q: Is the plot of the book fast-paced?

A: While “Dial P For Poison” has plenty of twists and turns, it also takes its time to develop the story and the characters, creating a satisfying reading experience.

Q: Can the book be read as a standalone or should it be read as part of the series?

A: While “Dial P For Poison” can certainly be enjoyed on its own, readers may find themselves wanting to dive into the rest of the series to uncover more mysteries with the Movie Club.

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As we wrap up our review of “Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1): An Irish Cozy Mystery,” we can’t help but be impressed by the intricate plot and charming characters woven together by author Zara Keane. This delightful cozy mystery is the perfect escape into the quaint village of Galway, where secrets and twists abound.

If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries with a touch of Irish flair, then this book is a must-read for you. So why wait? Grab your copy today and immerse yourself in the world of suspense and intrigue.

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