Simplice: Elevate Your Kitchen with Kohler’s Innovation!

Simplice: Elevate Your Kitchen with Kohler’s Innovation!

In the ⁣bustling heart of our home, the kitchen, where​ culinary magic unfolds and the day’s stories are shared ‌over ​simmering pots, we recently‌ embarked ⁣on⁣ a journey to elevate​ our kitchen’s functionality and style. The quest led ⁣us to the KOHLER 596-VS ‌Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Faucet,⁢ a marvel ​of design and ⁣engineering that promised to infuse our kitchen⁤ tasks with ‌ease and​ sophistication. With its vibrant stainless finish and high arch, the Simplice faucet⁣ stood‌ out as a beacon of⁣ elegance amidst the array of kitchen faucets,⁤ urging us ‌to delve deeper into ⁢its features and performance.

The allure of the⁣ Simplice faucet lies not only ‍in its universal design that blends seamlessly with⁣ a variety of kitchen styles but also in its⁣ exceptional ergonomics and functionality. We were intrigued by the high-arch swing spout that rotates 360 degrees, offering unparalleled flexibility during our‌ kitchen endeavors. Whether ​filling ⁤pots away from the sink or rinsing the farthest corners of large cookware, ⁤the faucet’s⁢ design ensured that every task was within easy reach.

Moreover, the ⁣smooth maneuvering sprayhead, which pulls down into the sink for up-close tasks or extends ⁣out to fill pots, ‌became an indispensable​ tool in our⁣ culinary activities. The sculpted buttons on the‌ sprayhead, designed for effortless operation even with wet, ​soapy hands, offered us a choice between ‌three ⁣spray functions—stream, sweep‌ spray, and boost. The sweep spray, in particular, with its wide, forceful blade of water, transformed‌ cleaning from a chore ⁣into a ⁢breeze, ​removing stubborn food‌ residue⁢ without the need for rigorous scrubbing.

Our appreciation for the⁤ Simplice faucet deepened with the discovery of Kohler’s ⁤DockNetik⁤ docking system. The frustration of a dangling ​sprayhead was a thing of the past, as the DockNetik system securely anchored the sprayhead to the spout,⁣ ensuring it‍ was always in​ its place, ready for ‌use. This feature, coupled​ with the‌ MasterClean spray face that resists mineral ⁣build-up and the light, quiet braided hose, underscored the faucet’s commitment to low maintenance and durability.

Installation was another area where the Simplice faucet shone. The inclusion of flexible⁢ supply lines and ‌the option for single-hole ​installation (with a⁢ three-hole⁤ escutcheon included) made the setup process straightforward and hassle-free, a boon ​for us as we navigated the complexities of kitchen renovation.

Embarking on this review, we found that⁣ the KOHLER​ 596-VS Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is more⁢ than just‍ a water⁣ dispenser. It is a testament to KOHLER’s dedication to creating products that combine ⁢beauty, innovation, and practicality. From its ⁣stylish design that ‌complements any kitchen decor to its user-friendly features that ​cater to a variety of tasks, ⁤the Simplice faucet stands as a paragon ⁤of kitchen excellence, promising to enhance⁤ the cooking experience with every turn.

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Introducing‍ an innovative ‍addition⁢ to kitchens of all kinds, this kitchen faucet harmoniously blends elegant design with remarkable functionality. Featuring a high-arch swing spout that effortlessly rotates 360 degrees, our faucet ensures convenience⁢ in every task. The pull-down sprayhead⁢ smoothly maneuvers, bringing ‌versatility to ‍your sink area, whether you’re tackling up-close chores or filling⁤ pots. With ​sculpted buttons on the sprayhead, even operating it with wet, soapy⁢ hands becomes a breeze.

  • Three Function Pull Down⁤ Sprayhead ​Faucet: Seamlessly switch between stream, sweep ‍spray, and boost functions, providing a 3% flow‍ rate increase.⁣ Additionally, temperature⁢ memory ⁤maintains your desired water temperature from prior‍ usage.
  • Why Choose Simplice: Our faucet’s high-arch spout offers ample clearance for various‍ kitchen‌ tasks. ⁣The ⁢ProMotion technology ensures a​ smooth and quiet experience,‌ while the DockNetik secure‍ docking system firmly holds the sprayhead in place. Furthermore, the ‍MasterClean spray face is easy to clean⁣ and⁢ resists mineral build-up.

Installation ⁤is made ‌simple with flexible supply lines included, tailored for single-hole installation (three-hole escutcheon also provided).‌ Designed with your space in mind, KOHLER faucets ‌elevate the elegance of your kitchen or laundry room, catering to different sink styles, including RV setups or kitchen ⁢remodels. Crafted for longevity,‌ our faucet ⁤features ceramic disc valves that exceed industry standards, ensuring lasting performance. Moreover, the⁣ premium finish is resistant to corrosion ⁢and tarnishing. Certified by the EPA and registered with the California ⁤Energy Commission, you can ‌trust in the quality and​ efficiency of our ⁤product.

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Key Features and Highlights

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An innovative fit for a variety‌ of kitchens and tasks, this kitchen faucet seamlessly combines elegant design with exceptional functionality. The high-arch swing spout rotates a full 360 degrees, providing maximum ⁤flexibility ⁢for⁢ various sink activities.‌ Whether it’s maneuvering the sprayhead for up-close tasks or pulling it out to ‌fill pots, ‍this faucet ensures effortless operation.

  • Three Function Pull Down Sprayhead: Equipped with touch-control technology, allowing easy switching between stream, sweep spray, and boost functions. The boost function offers a 3% flow⁤ rate increase, while temperature memory maintains your desired water temperature.
  • ProMotion Technology: Enhances usability with a light, quiet ‌braided‌ hose and swiveling ball joint, ensuring smooth operation. The DockNetik secure docking system‌ firmly locks the sprayhead into place, providing stability and⁢ convenience.
  • Easy Installation: Flexible supply lines‍ are included for⁢ faster and simpler installation, tailored for single-hole ‍setups. Additionally, a three-hole escutcheon and extension kit are provided for​ added ‍versatility.
  • Premium Design: Crafted with Kohler’s signature elegance in mind, this faucet elevates the​ aesthetic of any kitchen or laundry room. Its ​versatile design is suitable for various⁣ sink styles, including ⁢RV sinks, making it ideal for any kitchen ⁣remodel project.

Certification Performance
KOHLER Faucets meet EPA⁣ criteria Exceeds industry ⁤standards of longevity with ceramic disc valves
Registered with the California Energy⁢ Commission (CEC) Premium⁣ lasting finish is corrosion ‍and tarnish resistant

Experience the convenience and elegance of this Kohler kitchen ‍faucet. Enhance ⁤your kitchen space with its exceptional features and durability. Shop now on Amazon and make your kitchen tasks a breeze.


In-depth‌ Analysis and Recommendations

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Upon delving into a comprehensive assessment of this innovative kitchen faucet, we⁢ find a harmonious blend of elegance, functionality, and durability. The high-arch swing spout, with its ​360-degree rotation⁣ capability, offers remarkable versatility for various kitchen tasks. Whether⁣ it’s ⁢filling​ pots or conducting up-close cleaning, the smoothly‌ maneuvering sprayhead ⁤ensures⁤ seamless​ operation. The inclusion of sculpted buttons on the sprayhead ​further enhances usability, allowing​ for intuitive ‍control⁤ even with wet or soapy hands.

One standout feature is the three-function pull-down sprayhead, which offers stream, sweep spray, and ​boost modes, catering to diverse cleaning⁤ needs with a simple touch-control mechanism. The incorporation of Kohler’s ProMotion technology ensures a comfortable‍ and quiet experience, coupled with⁣ the DockNetik secure docking system for hassle-free operation. With flexible supply lines included for⁤ expedited installation and ceramic disc valves‍ surpassing industry standards‌ for longevity, this faucet⁤ embodies⁣ a commitment to lasting performance and​ user satisfaction.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

When we‍ delve into the world of customer experiences, we ​uncover a spectrum of opinions ‍and insights on the‍ KOHLER 596-VS Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. Let’s navigate through the seas of feedback to⁤ better understand the highs and ‌lows of this innovative addition to kitchen decor.


I ‌like the look.
I like the function: The handle is intuitive.
Very simple ‘idiot proof’ installation.
Easy to clean the pull-out spray.
Customer Service: They live up to ⁣their warranty.
Pricing was⁣ very competitive ‌with local markets.
The water flow is great.
The sprayer ⁣is STRONG.
The pull-down sprayer head is secure with a magnet.
The unit swivels smoothly yet stays in place.

Customers appreciated the aesthetic appeal of ‌the faucet along with‌ its​ user-friendly design. The straightforward installation process ⁣and responsive customer​ service added to the overall satisfaction. The‌ faucet’s functionality, including the water flow and sprayer⁣ strength, garnered positive remarks, making kitchen tasks more efficient.


Not keen on the pull-out part NOT reverting to stream from spray ‌when water is turned ⁢off.
No visible indicator on the ‍faucet handle of hot or cold.
The handle⁤ only moves ‍left/right ⁢about 40 degrees.
Bit ​pricy.

On⁢ the flip side, some users expressed dissatisfaction with certain features, such as the pull-out⁢ sprayer not ​reverting to stream ⁢mode​ automatically. The absence ‍of a visible indicator for​ hot or​ cold water and limited handle⁤ movement were ⁣noted as minor inconveniences. Additionally,⁣ a few users found the ‌price point⁢ to be on the⁢ higher side.

Overall ⁢Impressions

Despite‍ the minor drawbacks, the KOHLER 596-VS Simplice Pull ‍Down Kitchen ⁤Faucet emerges as a favored choice among many consumers. Its ​blend⁣ of style, functionality, and​ responsive customer support contributes to its positive reputation in ⁤the realm of kitchen⁤ fixtures. Whether⁤ you’re a culinary enthusiast seeking efficiency⁤ or a‍ homeowner with an eye for‌ aesthetics,⁣ this faucet stands‍ ready to elevate your kitchen experience.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Versatile Functionality: Offers three ‌different spray options (stream,⁢ sweep spray, boost) for various kitchen tasks.
2. Superior Cleaning: The Sweep Spray feature creates a wide, ‍forceful blade of water for effective cleaning.
3. Convenient Design: High-arch spout provides better⁤ clearance for filling pots and cleaning, while the DockNetik secure docking system ensures the sprayhead stays in place.
4. Easy Installation: Flexible supply lines and single-hole installation make setup faster and more convenient.
5. Longevity: Ceramic disc valves exceed ⁤industry standards for ⁣longevity, ensuring lasting performance.
6. Elegant Design: Designed with‌ an elevated elegance to complement various ‌kitchen styles and spaces.
7. Environmentally Friendly: Meets EPA criteria and is registered‍ with the California Energy Commission for energy efficiency.


1. Price: The premium features come with⁢ a higher​ price tag compared to basic kitchen faucets.
2. Requires Adequate Space: The high-arch spout may require​ more clearance above the sink, which ‍could be⁢ a concern for kitchens with limited space.
3. Limited Finish Options: While durable, the faucet may not offer as many finish options as some‍ competitors.



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**Q&A Section:**

Q: Is the installation ⁢process difficult?

A: Not at ‍all! Kohler understands the value of your time, so they’ve designed the Simplice faucet with a straightforward installation process ⁢in mind. Flexible ⁢supply lines are included, making installation faster and ⁤easier. Plus, it’s‍ designed for ⁣single-hole installation, with a three-hole escutcheon also included for added ⁣convenience. For ⁣those needing extra length, there’s even an extension kit available.

Q: How durable is the faucet?

A: Kohler takes pride⁤ in crafting⁢ products ⁣that ‍stand⁤ the test of time, and the Simplice faucet is no exception. With ‍ceramic disc valves that exceed industry standards for longevity, you can trust that this faucet is made ​to last. Plus, its premium lasting finish is corrosion and tarnish resistant, ensuring it maintains its ⁣elegant appearance for years to come.

Q: Can you tell ​me more ​about the spray options?

A: Of course! The Simplice faucet offers three different spray options: stream, sweep spray, and boost. The touch-control feature allows you to easily switch between ⁢these ⁢options, giving you the flexibility⁣ to tackle various ​tasks with ease. Whether you ‍need a gentle stream for washing delicate items or a powerful sweep spray for thorough ⁢cleaning, this faucet has you covered.

Q: How does ⁣the docking ⁤system work?

A: Kohler’s innovative DockNetik docking system​ ensures that the pull-down sprayhead stays securely in place when not in use.⁤ No more worrying about the ⁣sprayhead drooping over time ⁢or becoming loose. With DockNetik, you‌ can trust that the sprayhead⁤ will always be neatly and securely ⁢docked, ready for the next use.

Q: Is this faucet environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, it ‍is! Kohler faucets, including⁢ the Simplice, ‍meet EPA criteria ‍and are registered with the California Energy Commission⁢ (CEC). With a maximum flow ⁤rate ⁣of 1.5 gallons per minute (5.7 liters⁣ per minute) at 60 psi (4.14 bar), you can enjoy efficient​ water usage without compromising on performance.

Unlock Your Potential

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As we ​wrap up our exploration of the Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Faucet ⁤from Kohler, we’re left truly impressed by its blend ⁣of innovation, functionality, and elegance. ‍This faucet isn’t ‍just ‌a tool for your kitchen; it’s a statement piece ‍that elevates the entire space.

From its high-arch design providing ample clearance for various tasks to its intuitive touch-control ‌spray options and secure docking system, every detail of the Simplice is crafted with the user in mind. The ‍combination of ProMotion technology,⁤ MasterClean ⁤spray​ face, and durable ceramic disc⁣ valves ensures a smooth, long-lasting performance that stands up to ​the demands of daily ​use.

Whether you’re filling pots, washing dishes, or simply enjoying the convenience of its thoughtful features, the Simplice is a true game-changer in​ the kitchen. Plus, with easy ‍installation and a lasting finish, it’s a practical investment that enhances both form⁢ and function.

Ready to elevate your kitchen experience with⁣ Kohler’s‍ innovation? Click‌ below to bring home the⁢ Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Faucet today:

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Transform your ⁢kitchen into a hub of style and efficiency with ​the Simplice – because every detail⁤ matters.

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