Upgrade Your Sleep with Edomi Buckwheat Pillows – Cooling Neck Support for Back and Side Sleepers

Upgrade Your Sleep with Edomi Buckwheat Pillows – Cooling Neck Support for Back and Side Sleepers

Are you ⁤tired of waking up feeling stiff and sore? Are you searching for​ the perfect ‍pillow that offers both support and comfort for a restful​ night’s sleep? Look no further than the Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping.

We recently had⁢ the opportunity to try out these cooling pillows, and we were pleasantly surprised ⁣by the results. The adjustable buckwheat​ hull filling allowed us to customize the firmness of the pillow to our liking, providing the perfect amount of support for both back ⁤and side ⁣sleepers.

Not only did these pillows provide excellent neck support while we were working at our desks, but they also ‍offered‍ a comfortable night’s sleep​ at home. The premium pillowcase with tie strap kept us cool throughout the night, and the buckwheat hull filling contoured perfectly to our neck and head, helping us drift off to sleep easily.

In addition, the care instructions for these pillows were simple and easy to follow. With the ‌ability to remove and wash​ the pillow cover and fabric case, keeping our pillows clean and fresh was a breeze.

We were also impressed by ‌EDOMI’s customer service, offering a 100-night free trial ⁣and easy returns if ‍we were unhappy with our⁤ purchase. This gave‌ us peace of mind knowing‌ that we could truly test out the pillows to see if they were the right fit for us.

Overall, we highly recommend the Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping ⁢to anyone in need of a supportive​ and comfortable pillow for a ​better night’s sleep. Give them a try and see ‌the difference they can make in your sleep quality.

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The Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping are ​a game-changer when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. The pillow is adjustable, allowing you to customize the filling‌ to your desired ⁤level of firmness. This‌ feature ensures that whether you prefer a soft or firm pillow, you can find the perfect balance for your‌ neck support needs. Say​ goodbye to waking up with a sore neck ‌because this pillow has ‌got your back, literally!

Not only does this pillow provide excellent​ support for your neck, shoulders, back, and head while you sleep, but it’s​ also versatile for use at work. The cooling properties of the buckwheat hulls filling ensure you stay comfortable and cool throughout the night. With‍ easy care instructions and a 100⁢ nights free trial, what more⁣ could you ask for ⁣in a pillow? ‍Try out the Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping today and experience the difference for yourself!

Unique Features and ⁣Benefits

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The Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows are truly unique in ⁤their ⁤design and features. The adjustable buckwheat hulls filling allows users to⁢ customize the pillow‍ to their⁤ desired firmness, providing a softer or firmer cervical neck support pillow.⁤ This versatility ensures that ‌both back and side‍ sleepers can find the perfect level of‌ comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, the ​buckwheat hulls inside ⁣the pillow contour to the neck and head, promoting ‌proper alignment and reducing discomfort throughout the night.

One of the standout benefits of these⁤ pillows ⁤is their cooling properties. The buckwheat hulls filling and premium pillowcase with tie strap create a cooling effect, perfect for hot ⁢climates or individuals who tend‍ to ‍overheat during the night.‌ This cooling feature enhances comfort and promotes a more restful sleep experience. Furthermore, the pillow​ is easy to care for with a removable outer cover that is machine washable. With a 100-night free trial and hassle-free returns, there’s no reason ​not to give these innovative Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows a ‍try⁤ for yourself. Visit the link below to experience‌ the ultimate in customizable comfort and support.

In-depth⁤ Analysis and​ Recommendations

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After analyzing the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping, we are impressed with the versatility and quality of this product. The ability to adjust the filling to personal⁣ preference‍ ensures that every user can customize their pillow for the perfect ‍level of support and comfort. Whether you prefer a softer or firmer pillow, this option accommodates all sleeping styles. Additionally, the buckwheat hulls filling and premium pillowcase with tie strap contribute to a cooler night’s ⁤sleep,⁤ contouring to the neck and head for⁣ a restful‌ experience.

Not only does this pillow provide support for the neck, shoulders, and back while sleeping, ⁤but​ it also serves as⁢ a lumbar ⁤support while working ⁢at a desk. The variety of uses for this‍ pillow makes it a versatile choice for any lifestyle. The care instructions ​are simple and straightforward, allowing for easy maintenance to keep your pillow​ looking and feeling like new. With a 100-night free trial and easy returns, Edomi stands by their product, confident ​that users will be ⁢satisfied with their purchase. If you’re in the market for ⁢a customizable, high-quality pillow that delivers both support and comfort, we recommend giving the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat⁤ Pillows for Sleeping a ⁣try.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here ‍at Edomi, we value the feedback from our customers and always strive to provide⁢ the best products ⁢to ensure a good night’s sleep. Let’s take a look ‍at what some of our customers have to ⁤say‍ about the Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping – Cooling‌ Pillows:

Positive Reviews

Review Rating
“Just one night of sleeping on the‌ new pillow started me⁢ on the road to relief from the pain and stiffness in my ​neck and upper spine. No more stiff necks for me!” 5 ‍stars
“The ‍whole⁣ family loves the pillow ⁣so‌ Amazon here I come. Perfect gift for grandma and⁣ grandpa too.” 5 stars
“I had wanted⁣ to replace‌ my old buckwheat pillow, and this one is exactly what I was hoping for.” 4 stars
“This travel friendly buckwheat ‌pillow⁤ gives me plenty of support whether I’m sleeping on my ⁢side or not. ‍This is a ​great buy!” 5 stars
“I used to have a buckwheat hull pillow and this new one exceeded my expectations. The smaller size is perfect for me.” 4‍ stars

Negative Reviews

While ⁤most customers were satisfied with their purchase,​ there were⁤ a few negative experiences:

Review Rating
“I expected it​ to ⁢be a standard size pillow for the bed. It looks‍ odd on any size bed.” 2 stars

Overall, our Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows have received positive feedback and have helped many customers improve ‍their sleep quality. We appreciate‍ the support and will continue to provide top-notch products ⁢for all our customers.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons of Edomi Buckwheat Pillows


1. Adjustable filling
2. ⁤Cooling properties
3. Provides ‌support for neck, shoulders, back, and‍ head
4. Suitable for back and side sleepers
5. Easy to clean and maintain
6. 100 nights free trial and easy returns


1. May take time to adjust to the buckwheat filling
2. Khaki color may not match all bedroom decor

Overall, we believe that the Edomi ​Buckwheat Pillows‌ offer a unique and ‌customizable sleeping experience. ⁢The adjustable filling and cooling properties make ⁤it a versatile option for those seeking support and comfort while sleeping. Although it may take some time to get used to the buckwheat filling, the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks. Plus, with the 100 ‌nights free trial, you can test it out for yourself and see if it’s the ​right fit for you.


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Q: What size is the Edomi Upgrade ‌Buckwheat ⁣Pillow?
A: The⁤ small cooling pillow measures‍ 20x11x3 inches, providing the perfect size ​for neck support while sleeping.

Q: Can I adjust ‌the filling of the⁤ pillow to my preference?
A: Yes, you can take out or ‌add in as much ‍buckwheat shell filling as you wish, allowing you to customize the firmness of the pillow to your liking.

Q: Is the ⁤pillow suitable for different sleeping positions?
A: Absolutely! The pillow is designed to provide support and comfort for side⁤ sleepers, back sleepers,⁣ and stomach sleepers, ensuring a restful night’s sleep no matter how you sleep.

Q: How do I⁢ clean the pillow?
A: Simply‍ remove ‍the buckwheat‍ shells, wash the outer ⁣cover and washable zipper fabric case, and then put the buckwheat back in. It’s recommended to spot clean or hand wash the fabric for easy maintenance.

Q: What ⁤is the⁢ 100 ‍Nights Free Trial offer?
A: ⁤We believe you should have the opportunity to fully experience the benefits of the pillow, which is⁣ why we offer⁤ a 100 Nights Free Trial. If you’re not satisfied, returns are free and easy – it’s‍ as simple as that!

Q: ⁤What makes the pillow ideal for a cooler night’s sleep?
A: The pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls and features a premium pillowcase with a tie⁢ strap, providing⁣ support and‍ comfort while also allowing air circulation for a cooler sleeping experience.

Embody Excellence

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Upgrade your sleep with Edomi Buckwheat Pillows and experience the perfect blend of support and comfort. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to cooler, more restful sleep. Try it out risk-free with our 100 Nights Free Trial. Don’t wait any longer, click ⁢here to get your own Edomi Buckwheat Pillow‍ now: Shop Now.

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