Unleash the Power: The Ultimate Wireless Portable Charger!

Unleash the Power: The Ultimate Wireless Portable Charger!

Introducing the Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh,‌ the ​ultimate power bank ⁣that⁤ brings ​convenience and efficiency to your charging needs. With its impressive features ⁢and ​compatibility, this power bank is ⁢a game-changer ⁣in the world of portable chargers. We’ve had the ⁣pleasure​ of testing out this product and we are here to ⁣share our first-hand experience‌ with you.

One​ of the ‌standout features of this charger is its fast charging capabilities.⁤ Equipped with 25W PD and QC 4.0⁤ outputs, this power bank delivers an optimized charge to ⁢your devices at up to 25W. This‌ means that your cellphone can⁢ reach up to 100% battery ‌in just 1.5 hours, providing you with a quick and efficient charging ​experience.⁢ And ​with‍ the included USB-C fast charging cable and PD⁤ wall⁤ charger, you can fully charge ‍this portable charger within 3.5 hours, ensuring that‍ you are always ready to power ​up on the go.

But ⁣that’s not ‌all!‍ The Wireless Portable Charger also offers simultaneous charging, allowing you to charge your⁢ cellphone wirelessly while charging another device through its ‌micro USB or⁢ USB-C‍ ports. This versatility makes it a ‌perfect companion for those who‍ need to charge multiple devices at ‍once. Plus, the smart LED indicators display the remaining battery level, so ‌you’ll always know ⁢when​ it’s time to recharge this power bank.

Concerned about safety? Don’t worry, because this power‌ bank has ‍got you covered. ⁣With ‍its 30,800mAh capacity, it can charge ⁣your iPhone 12 over‍ 8 ‌times ⁢and your iPhone 12 Pro Max over ​6 times. And thanks to⁣ its built-in intelligent chip, you can rest easy knowing that your devices are protected against overcharge, over-discharge, excessive currents, short circuits,⁤ and ⁣overheating.

In the box, you’ll find the FOCHEW Wireless⁣ Portable‌ Charger, a⁢ micro USB cable, and a user ​manual. Plus, with its ⁢24 month warranty policy and 24​ hours customer service, you can ‍trust that your ⁤purchase is⁢ backed by excellent support.

It’s important to note that this charger is not suitable for ⁤wireless charging⁤ of ⁢Bluetooth‍ headphones, but it is compatible with a wide range of devices⁣ including the latest iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG smartphones, ​Google Pixel, and more.

Overall, the​ Wireless Portable​ Charger 30,800mAh is ⁤a⁣ reliable and powerful external battery pack ‌that offers ⁢fast charging, simultaneous⁣ charging, and safety features. Its high capacity and compatibility make it a must-have⁣ for anyone on the⁢ go. With our first-hand experience, we can confidently ‌say that ​this power bank has ⁤exceeded ⁢our expectations, and we believe ‍it will exceed ⁤yours too. Say goodbye to ‍low battery anxiety and hello to ⁤worry-free charging with the Wireless Portable ⁢Charger 30,800mAh.

Table of Contents

Overview of the Wireless ⁤Portable Charger 30,800mAh

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Looking ‌for a portable charger that ‍combines convenience, power, and versatility? Look no further than the Wireless Portable Charger‌ 30,800mAh. With‌ its impressive features and capabilities, this power bank is a ‌must-have​ for anyone⁤ on the go.

First and foremost, the Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh offers fast charging options to keep your devices powered up in no ⁤time. Equipped with⁢ 25W ⁢PD fast ⁢charging output and QC ‌4.0 fast charging​ output, this power bank delivers an optimized charge of up to 25W to ⁢your ⁣devices.⁢ Say ⁣goodbye to long ​charging times,⁣ as this charger ⁣can fully charge your cellphone within ‍1.5 hours! Plus, it comes ⁣with⁤ a ‌USB-C fast charging cable and ⁢PD wall charger that can fully charge the portable ⁣charger in just ‍3.5 hours.

But ‌that’s not all – this power bank also offers ‌simultaneous charging capabilities. You ‍can enjoy ⁣a 15W wireless charge ⁤for your ‍cellphones while charging another device through the micro USB outports or the ​USB-C​ PD ⁤port.​ And with the smart LED ‍indicators, ‍you can easily‌ keep track of the remaining ⁢battery⁣ level. No​ more guessing games ⁤–‍ you’ll know exactly when it’s time to ‌recharge the power ​bank.

With its high capacity of 30,800mAh, this power⁣ bank has more than enough juice⁣ to keep your devices running all day long. It can charge‍ an iPhone 12 over 8 times and an iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 6⁣ times. And with the ⁣built-in intelligent chip, ⁢you can rest assured that ⁤your devices are⁤ protected against overcharge, over-discharge, excessive currents, short circuits, and overheating.

When ​you ⁢purchase the Wireless Portable⁢ Charger ⁤30,800mAh, you’ll also receive a micro USB cable and a user‍ manual. ⁢Plus, you’ll benefit‌ from a 24-month warranty policy and ⁣24-hour great customer service. It’s truly a complete package.

Don’t miss out on the convenience and ‌power of the Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh – ⁢ get yours now and‌ stay charged wherever you go!

Highlighting the Key Features of​ the Wireless‌ Portable Charger 30,800mAh

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In this review, ⁣we are ⁤excited to highlight the key⁤ features of the Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh. This power bank is ⁣packed ‌with advanced technologies to provide a reliable and efficient charging experience for your‍ devices.

One⁣ of⁣ the standout features of this power‌ bank is ⁤its fast charging capabilities. With a 25W power delivery 3.0 output and quick charge 4.0 output, it⁣ can deliver an optimized ‌charge to your devices at up to 25W. This means ​you can charge ​your cellphone up to‌ 100% within just⁣ 1.5 hours. Additionally, the​ USB-C fast ‍charging cable and PD wall charger can ‌fully charge this portable charger within 3.5⁢ hours, ensuring​ you’re always ready to ‌go.

Not‍ only does this power bank offer fast charging, but it also ⁢allows for simultaneous charging. You can wirelessly ⁢charge your cellphones ​at⁢ 15W while charging another⁤ device ⁤via one of the two ⁣micro ⁣USB outputs or the USB-C 25W PD port. The smart LED⁢ indicators provide a clear ⁤visual of the remaining battery level, so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge. Plus, with a high capacity‌ of​ 30,800mAh, this‌ power bank ⁣can charge your iPhone 12 ​more than ​8 times and iPhone‍ 12 ⁤Pro Max⁣ up​ to ‌6 times.

We also appreciate the safety features built into‍ this power bank. The intelligent chip protects your ‌devices against overcharge, over-discharge, excessive currents, short circuits, and overheating. This gives you peace of‍ mind knowing‌ that ⁣your devices are well-protected during the charging process.

In ⁣conclusion, the Wireless Portable ⁣Charger 30,800mAh ‌is​ a ⁤powerful and reliable‌ charging solution for your devices. Its fast charging capabilities, simultaneous charging feature, ‍high capacity, and safety ⁢features make it a standout product in ⁢the market. Don’t ‍miss⁢ out on this ⁢essential accessory for your mobile⁣ devices.⁢ Get yours today and ​experience the convenience​ and⁣ peace of mind ‌it offers. Check it out here!

In-depth Analysis and ​Insights of the Wireless​ Portable Charger 30,800mAh

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When it comes to finding a​ reliable⁤ and efficient portable charger, the Wireless ‍Portable Charger 30,800mAh is definitely a ⁣top​ contender. With ‌its impressive features and capabilities, this ⁣power bank ‌ensures ‍that you never have ‍to worry about running out of battery on your devices again.

One ‍of the standout features⁢ of this portable⁢ charger is​ its fast charging capabilities. With a ⁢25W‍ power ⁣delivery 3.0 ‍output and ⁣quick charge‌ 4.0 ⁣output, it can deliver an optimized charge to⁤ your devices at up to 25W. This means that you can fully ⁢charge​ your⁢ cell phone in as little as 1.5 hours, giving you ⁤more⁢ time to stay ‌connected and productive.

In addition to its fast charging abilities, the Wireless Portable Charger also offers simultaneous‍ charging. You can get a 15W wireless charge for⁤ your cell phones while charging another device via ‌one of the ​two micro USB outputs or the ⁣USB-C 25W PD port. ⁣This versatility ​allows⁣ you to power up multiple devices‍ at once, making it perfect⁣ for those ‍who ⁣need to ⁣charge on the go.

Furthermore, this​ power bank boasts‍ a high ​capacity ⁢of 30,800mAh, which means it can charge your iPhone 12 more than 8 times and your iPhone 12 Pro Max ⁢up to 6 times.⁢ This is perfect for long trips ⁣or days ‌when you‍ won’t have access to a power source. Additionally, the power bank is built-in with an intelligent ⁤chip that‌ protects your devices ⁢against overcharging, over-discharging, ⁤excessive currents, short circuits, and overheating. This gives you peace of ‍mind knowing that your‍ devices are safe while being charged.

With ‌every purchase of the Wireless Portable Charger‍ 30,800mAh, you ⁣will receive the ⁢power⁣ bank itself, a micro USB cable, and a⁢ user manual. The product also⁣ comes with a‍ 24-month warranty‌ and exceptional customer service, ensuring⁣ that ​you are satisfied with ⁤your purchase.

Overall, the⁤ Wireless Portable ⁤Charger 30,800mAh ⁣is a reliable and efficient power bank that offers fast charging⁢ capabilities, ⁢simultaneous charging, high capacity, and built-in safety features. It is compatible with various devices ‌including⁤ iPhone, Samsung, LG, and Google⁢ Pixel. Don’t​ miss out on ⁤this incredible product and get yours now on Amazon with our ‍affiliate link below!

Click here to check out ​the Wireless‌ Portable Charger 30,800mAh on Amazon!

Specific Recommendations for the Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh

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When it comes ‌to portable chargers, the Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh ⁣definitely stands⁢ out from the crowd. Offering a wide range of features and capabilities, ⁤this power bank is ‌a must-have for ​anyone on the go.

One of the standout ‍features of ​this charger‍ is its 25W PD Fast Charging and QC 4.0⁢ Fast Charging Output. With ‌this powerful ​combination, you ⁢can expect optimized charging for all your devices at up to 25W. This means that your cellphones can achieve a full charge​ of up to 100% within just 1.5 hours. Impressive, right?

Not only does⁤ the ‍Wireless ‌Portable Charger allow for⁤ fast charging, but it ⁢also​ offers simultaneous charging. With its 15W wireless charging ‍capability, ⁣you can conveniently charge your ‌cellphones without the hassle ​of connecting cables. Plus, with two micro USB output ports ‍(QC 4.0 ‌+ 2.1A)‍ and a USB-C 25W PD port, you can ‌charge multiple devices simultaneously. The smart⁣ LED indicators ⁤are also a handy feature, as they display​ the remaining‌ battery ‍level,⁢ so you⁤ know when it’s time to recharge the power bank.

When it comes to capacity, the​ Wireless Portable‍ Charger truly shines. With its massive 30,800mAh capacity, this power⁣ bank can⁣ charge your iPhone 12⁢ more than ‌8 times and your iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 6 times.‍ It’s the perfect companion for long trips or days when you’re constantly on your ⁢devices. ‌Plus, the built-in intelligent chip ensures the safety‍ of your devices‍ by ⁣protecting against overcharge, over-discharge, excessive⁢ currents, short circuits,⁣ and overheating.

In addition ​to its excellent features, the package includes the⁣ charger ​itself, a micro USB ‌cable (please‌ note that ⁢the USB C cable is not ‌included), and a user⁤ manual. And with a ‌24-month warranty policy‍ and 24 hours of ‌great customer service, you can have peace of mind knowing ⁣that you’re covered.

Please‍ note that ‍this⁤ portable charger is not suitable for wireless charging Bluetooth headphones. ​However, ‍it is compatible with a ⁣wide range⁤ of devices, including various iPhone⁢ models, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG devices, and Google Pixel phones, to name⁢ just a few.

If you’re in need of a reliable and high-capacity portable charger, we​ highly recommend the Wireless Portable ‌Charger​ 30,800mAh. Get yours today and never worry about running out ‍of⁢ battery power again!

Check ⁢out the Wireless ⁤Portable ‌Charger 30,800mAh ‌on Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews​ Analysis

At our blog, we value customer feedback and opinions to provide⁤ you‌ with⁤ a comprehensive analysis of ⁢the‍ product. Based on the reviews we gathered, here’s what customers are saying about⁣ the Wireless Portable Charger:

Review #1:

The reviewer purchased this power bank specifically for their portable PiCade and found it to be a perfect⁣ fit. They mentioned that the power⁤ bank holds a charge⁢ for a ‍very long time when not​ in use and can power the PiCade​ for 5-6 ⁣hours. They mentioned two negatives: the ⁢inability to charge and power devices at the same time and slow‍ recharging. However, ⁢they later discovered that ​the ​cable they were using‍ was faulty and once replaced, the power bank worked reliably.⁤ They concluded by stating their love for the power bank and ‌its excellent performance ‍in their arcade.

Review #2:

The customer has been using the battery⁣ pack for nine months and they carry it with⁤ them​ every‍ day ‍in their backpack. They mentioned that it has saved‌ their‌ phone‍ from dying multiple times and charged other devices as well. While it takes about 3-4⁣ hours to fully charge, ⁢it holds⁣ a charge well if left⁣ unused for a few ‌months. ​They noted ⁢that the wireless charger is finicky with some phone cases,​ but overall, they would definitely buy⁤ it ​again.

Review #3:

The customer ⁣has been using​ this battery​ for 19 months and found ⁢it great for their‌ needs. They praised the USB-C port and ​the efficient‍ performance ⁣of the USB-A ports. They mentioned that ​the wireless charging ‍function is handy ​when they forget a ​cable,‍ but they generally avoid it ⁢due ⁣to its inefficiency.⁢ However, after upgrading ‍to⁤ an iPhone 15 Pro Max, ​they experienced issues with the USB-C and A ports, with trickle charging ‍and even battery loss while using the‌ phone. They concluded that the power bank still‌ performs well with other devices, but ‌they need to find a replacement.

Review ​#4:

In this review, ⁤the customer initially panicked when their iPhone 8 Plus’s lightning port stopped charging. ⁣They purchased the power bank for its size and⁣ magnetic charging capability. They‍ found that the ⁣power bank charged their phone faster than a lightning ‍cable.‍ They mentioned that the battery⁣ capacity is huge and it charges their iPhone ​about 4% ⁣for every 1% change in the battery pack’s charge. They ‍highlighted the solid construction ‍and minor‍ inconvenience of not ‍being able ​to do magnetic ‌charging while charging the power bank. ‍Overall,⁢ they are very pleased ⁣with their purchase.

Review #5:

Written in Spanish, ⁤the customer mentioned that they ⁤like the charger’s design⁢ and the fact that it displays the remaining charge percentage. They noted that⁣ the USB-C port charges quickly, and while they didn’t experience⁤ fast charging, ​they⁣ still found it worthwhile to use. The⁣ review also mentioned a packaging issue,‌ but didn’t provide details about ‌the charger’s performance.

Review #6:

Another‌ Spanish ​review, where the customer ‍mentioned that ‌the charger arrived ahead of ‌schedule. They expressed dissatisfaction with the packaging, but didn’t provide further details. They noted that the‌ charger ‍looks ⁢good and arrived with 32% ⁣battery charge. They are eager to see⁣ its performance.

Review #7:

Another brief Spanish review ⁢praising the‌ product and stating that it charges ⁣devices quickly ‍both with ⁣a cable ⁤and‌ wirelessly.

Review #8:

A brief review stating that the product is excellent and charges devices quickly.

Based on these reviews, the Wireless Portable Charger has received⁣ positive feedback overall.‍ Customers appreciate its long-lasting⁤ charge, compatibility ⁣with various devices, and⁤ the convenience of wireless charging. However, there were some issues reported, such as ‍slow recharging and⁤ compatibility problems with specific devices or cases. ⁣Nonetheless, the majority of reviewers expressed satisfaction with the product’s ⁢performance and would consider buying it ⁤again.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &⁢ Cons


  • High-speed charging: With 25W PD fast charging and ‌QC 4.0 output, this‌ portable charger ​delivers optimized charging to your ​devices at up to 25W, allowing you to charge your cellphone up to 100% ⁢within‌ 1.5 hours.
  • Simultaneous ⁣charging: Charge your cellphones wirelessly ⁤while charging another device via one of the ⁣two ⁤micro USB ​outports or the USB-C ‍25W PD​ port.
  • Smart LED Indicators: The LED battery level indicators show the ‌remaining battery​ level, so you ⁢always ‌know‍ when to charge⁤ the​ power bank.
  • High capacity: The 30,800mAh capacity can charge more than 8 ⁢times for ⁢iPhone ⁤12 and 6 times for iPhone 12 Pro Max, ensuring you have enough power on the⁤ go.
  • Safety‍ features: The built-in intelligent chip protects your devices against overcharge, over-discharge, excessive currents, short circuits, or overheating,‍ providing a safe ⁢charging ⁢experience.
  • Convenient ⁤package:‍ In addition to the⁤ wireless portable charger, you also get a​ micro USB cable, user ​manual, and a 24-month warranty policy. Plus, the ⁤customer service is available 24 hours​ a day.


  • Not suitable for wireless ⁣charging⁣ of Bluetooth headphones: This portable ⁤charger is not compatible ⁣with ⁣wireless charging for ​Bluetooth headphones.


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Q: How fast ⁤does the wireless portable charger charge?

A: The wireless portable charger features 25W PD fast ⁤charging and QC 4.0 fast charging output, ⁤delivering an optimized charge of up to ‌25W to your devices.​ It can charge your cellphone‍ up to ⁢100% within 1.5​ hours, providing fast and efficient‍ charging.

Q: How ‌long‌ does it take to fully ⁤charge the portable charger?

A: With the included USB-C fast charging⁢ cable and​ PD wall charger,‌ you can fully charge this portable charger within ‌3.5 hours. This​ ensures‍ that⁢ you have‍ a fully powered​ portable charger ​ready to go whenever⁤ you need it.

Q: Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously?

A: Absolutely! The wireless portable ‌charger‍ allows for simultaneous charging. You can get a 15W wireless charge for ⁣your cellphone⁣ while ⁣charging another ​device ⁣via one of the two micro​ USB outports (QC ‍4.0 + ‍2.1A) or the USB-C 25W PD port. This feature ensures that you can ⁣conveniently charge ​multiple devices at once.

Q: How do I ⁤know the remaining battery level of the ‌power⁢ bank?

A: The wireless portable charger⁢ comes with smart LED ⁢indicators‌ that display the remaining battery ⁣level. You can easily check⁢ the battery level and know when ‍it needs ​to be charged, so ‌you never ‌run out of power unexpectedly.

Q:​ Is the ​power bank⁣ safe to use?

A: Yes, ⁤the power bank is built with safety⁢ in mind. It has a ⁢high capacity of ⁣30,800mAh,⁣ which can charge ⁢your iPhone 12 more than 8⁢ times and⁢ iPhone 12 pro max up to 6 times. Additionally, it​ features a built-in intelligent chip‍ that protects your devices against‌ overcharge, over-discharge, excessive currents, short ⁣circuits, ​and overheating.

Q: What does ‌the package include?

A: When you purchase the FOCHEW wireless portable ​charger, you will receive ‍one wireless portable charger,‍ one ⁤micro USB cable (please note that the‌ package⁣ does ⁤not include a⁤ USB-C cable), and one user⁣ manual. Additionally, you will enjoy a 24-month warranty policy ‌and 24 hours ⁤of⁣ great customer service for any⁤ assistance you may need.

Q: Is there any compatibility ‍information⁤ I‌ should know?

A: ⁢The ‌wireless ⁣portable‌ charger is compatible with ‍various iPhone models such as iPhone ⁣15, 14, 13, and 12, as well ⁤as Samsung Galaxy models⁣ including S23, S22, S21, S10, and S9. It is also compatible with other brands such ⁢as⁣ LG, Google ​Pixel, and more. ‌However, please note that this portable charger‌ is not suitable for⁣ wireless charging of ⁣Bluetooth headphones.

Remember, with the ultimate ‌wireless portable charger, you can unleash the power to charge your devices efficiently and conveniently, ensuring you never‌ run out of battery when you need‍ it most.

Embrace a New⁣ Era

Thank you for joining us on this ⁤journey to discover the ultimate wireless portable charger! ‌With ​the Wireless Portable ‌Charger 30,800mAh,⁤ you ​can truly ⁣unleash the power and experience⁢ a new ​level of convenience and‍ efficiency.

This portable charger is​ equipped ‌with incredible features that ⁤make it a game-changer. The 25W PD Fast‍ Charging⁢ and QC 4.0 Fast⁤ Charging outputs ensure that‍ your ‍devices receive an optimized charge ⁤at up to 25W. Say goodbye to long charging times, as your⁢ cellphone can⁢ reach 100% in just 1.5 hours! In ‍fact,⁣ this portable charger itself can be fully charged within 3.5‌ hours using the included USB-C fast charging cable and PD wall charger.

But⁣ that’s ⁢not all – simultaneous charging is made possible with the Wireless Portable⁤ Charger. While wirelessly charging⁣ your cellphone‍ with the 15W Max wireless charging capability, you can‌ also charge ‌another device via the two micro USB outputs (QC 4.0 +2.1A) or the USB-C 25W ‌PD port. The ⁢smart LED ⁤indicators will‌ keep‌ you informed about the⁤ remaining battery‌ level, so you never run out of power‌ unexpectedly.

Safety is a top priority, and the built-in intelligent chip of this ​power bank ensures that your devices are protected against overcharge, over-discharge, ⁣excessive currents, short circuits, and overheating. You can trust‌ in the reliability and‌ durability of this device.

With a high capacity of 30,800mAh, this power bank‍ has the ability ⁢to charge ⁢your iPhone 12 ⁢more ‌than ⁢8 times and your iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 6 times. That’s truly impressive​ power in the palm of ‌your hand. And with‍ the⁤ added bonus of a 24-month ‍warranty⁢ and⁢ 24-hour customer service, you‌ can⁢ have peace ​of ⁤mind⁤ knowing that your investment is protected.

Before we ⁢wrap things⁤ up, a quick tip: while ​this portable charger is compatible with a ‍wide‌ range of devices including iPhone‌ models⁣ and Samsung⁣ Galaxy ⁤devices, it is not suitable for wireless charging Bluetooth headphones.

Now that you have‍ witnessed the power ​of the Wireless Portable ​Charger,‍ it’s‌ time to⁢ take the next step and get your hands on this incredible device. Click here‍ to make your purchase now and experience the convenience and efficiency for yourself: ​ Unleash the Power: The Ultimate Wireless Portable Charger!.

Thank you for‌ joining us on this electrifying journey. Stay charged and stay connected with the Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh, your ultimate‍ charging companion!

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