Spark Up Your Adventures with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter: A Flameless Wonder for BBQs, Camping, and More!

Spark Up Your Adventures with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter: A Flameless Wonder for BBQs, Camping, and More!

Welcome to our⁢ product review blog! Today, we want to share our ‍first-hand experience with the​ SUPRUS Electric⁤ Lighter Arc⁣ Windproof Flameless‌ USB Lighter. This sleek and stylish lighter is⁢ perfect for those ‍who‌ enjoy outdoor activities ⁣like camping and‌ BBQs, or simply for⁤ lighting candles and​ fireplaces at home.

One of the standout‌ features of this ​lighter is its portability. With its lightweight design, it’s easy to carry around wherever you go.​ Whether you’re⁢ hiking in the mountains or⁣ enjoying a ‍beach bonfire, this lighter will always be by your‍ side. Plus,‌ its‌ silver color adds‌ a touch of sophistication to any setting.

But what truly impressed us is the ‌wind and ⁣splash-proof ‌technology. ⁤The electric lighter utilizes flameless plasma technology, which means that even in strong winds,⁣ the electrical pulses won’t be blown out. This makes it​ the ‌perfect ⁢tool for lighting under bad weather conditions. No more ‍struggling ⁣with traditional lighters in the wind!

Another great feature‌ is the battery notification system.⁣ The SUPRUS arc ‍lighter can display real-time battery volume,‌ so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge. ‍When all four LED lights on the barrel turn⁢ on, you’ll⁢ know that it’s fully ⁢charged and ready ‌to go. No more running out of power at inconvenient times!

In terms of safety, this lighter has you covered. It has a built-in automatic power-off chip protection and an⁣ external safety lock switch, ensuring‍ that accidents are prevented. To operate ⁣the lighter, you’ll need to push the safety lock switch⁣ first, then press the ignition switch. The ⁣igniting spark will automatically stop after ⁤7‍ seconds, adding an extra‍ layer of protection.

When you purchase the SUPRUS⁣ Electric Lighter, you’ll receive more than just a lighter. In addition to the USB charging cable, you’ll also⁢ get‌ a gift box and a ‌user manual. Plus, the customer service team is available ⁣24/7, ensuring that you’ll always have friendly support whenever ‍you need it.

Overall, our experience with the SUPRUS Electric ⁢Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless⁤ USB Lighter has been nothing short ‍of⁢ exceptional. Its portability, wind-proof technology, battery notification system, and safety features make it a⁢ must-have accessory for anyone ​in need of a reliable and convenient lighter. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply enjoy⁢ cozy nights by the fire, this lighter⁣ is a game-changer.

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Spark Up Your Adventures with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter: A Flameless Wonder for BBQs, Camping, and More!插图

When it comes to convenience and portability, ​the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is⁤ a game changer. With ⁣its lightweight design, this lighter⁣ is easy to carry and perfect ​for all your‍ outdoor activities like BBQs, camping, hiking, and more. You⁢ can even use it to‌ light ⁣candles, cook, or start a fire in your fireplace.⁤ The ​possibilities are endless!

One of the standout features of this lighter is its wind and splash-proof technology. ⁣Thanks to⁣ its flameless plasma technology, you don’t have to ‍worry about the wind⁣ blowing out your flame. ‍This⁤ makes it the perfect tool for lighting‌ in bad weather conditions. Say⁣ goodbye to frustrating moments when⁣ you can’t get your fire started!

Features of the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc ​Windproof Flameless USB Lighter

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  1. Portable & Convenient: The lightweight design of ​this lighter makes⁤ it ⁣easy to carry, making it ideal⁤ for ⁢various⁤ outdoor activities such as BBQs, camping, hiking, and more. You⁢ can easily slip it into your pocket or bag and have it ready whenever you ⁤need it.

  2. Wind​ & Splash Proof: Thanks to its flameless plasma technology, this electric lighter is designed to withstand even ⁤strong winds. No more struggling to​ light your candles or campfires in windy ‍conditions. It’s also splash-proof, ensuring that it remains⁣ functional ​even if it gets wet.

  3. Battery Notification: With the ⁣upgraded SUPRUS arc lighter, you⁢ can easily ⁢keep track of the battery​ level. Four LED lights ⁢on the barrel indicate⁤ when the lighter is fully ‌charged, giving you peace⁢ of mind knowing that you won’t ⁢run out of⁣ power when you need it most.

  4. Safety Protection Design:‍ This ⁣lighter is equipped⁢ with multiple safety features to ensure your protection. It has an automatic power-off chip and ⁢an external ⁢safety lock switch, making it safe ​to use around children. The ignition spark also automatically stops after 7 seconds, preventing accidents.

With its ‌portability, ​windproof and splash-proof capabilities, real-time battery notification, and safety‌ features, the SUPRUS​ Electric Lighter Arc Windproof⁢ Flameless USB Lighter is a reliable companion for all⁣ your outdoor ‌adventures. Get yours now and enjoy the convenience⁢ and‌ peace of mind it offers!

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Insights and Recommendations for the SUPRUS ‌Electric Lighter Arc​ Windproof Flameless USB Lighter

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When it comes to portability and convenience, the SUPRUS ⁢Electric Lighter is⁢ hard to beat. Its lightweight design makes it easy⁤ to carry, making it the perfect companion‌ for BBQs, camping trips, and hiking adventures. Whether you⁤ need to light candles, cook a meal, or⁤ start a campfire, this lighter ⁣has got⁤ you covered.

One of the standout features of this lighter is its‍ wind and splash-proof ​capabilities. ‍With ⁢flameless plasma technology, it ⁣ensures that even strong​ winds won’t ‌blow⁣ out the ⁢electrical pulses, ‍making it reliable in any weather condition. Say goodbye to frustrating moments trying ⁤to light a flame in the wind, as this ​lighter will get the job⁢ done ​effortlessly.

Another impressive feature‌ is the battery notification system. The upgraded SUPRUS arc ⁣lighter comes with four LED lights on the barrel, indicating the battery’s real-time volume. When all four lights are ‌on, you can rest assured that ⁣your lighter is fully charged and ⁢ready to use.

In terms ⁢of safety, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter excels. It ‌is equipped with an automatic​ power-off chip⁣ protection and an external safety ‌lock switch, ensuring maximum safety during use.⁤ To activate the ignition, ⁢simply push the safety ⁣lock switch and press⁤ the ‌ignition switch.⁣ The igniting spark will automatically stop after 7 seconds, prioritizing your safety. Should⁢ you ⁢need to re-ignite, simply restart the switch.

Overall, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is a reliable and efficient​ tool for all your lighting​ needs. Its sleek silver design, coupled with ⁢its ⁤impressive features, make it‌ a must-have accessory for ⁤outdoor enthusiasts and home⁢ use alike. Don’t miss out on ‍this fantastic lighter – get yours today on ‍ [our Amazon link] and experience the convenience and reliability it offers.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here’s what some of our customers ‌have ‍to say about the ⁣SUPRUS Electric Lighter:

Review Rating
I ​got this to replace my butane BBQ lighters, which kept blowing out when I tried to light my propane furnace. These work very well, ⁢and I loved the idea that they are rechargeable. Unfortunately, one of the two I purchased stopped charging. It’s crazy, but I got a⁣ response from customer service within two hours! They are replacing my unit at no charge, and I’ve never had such a quick ⁣response. Great service. 5/5
These plasma arc lighters work ⁣fine⁤ and ⁣appear to last a long time so​ far. We liked it so much that we bought another one :0). These units have allowed us to throwaway our matches and use⁣ this much safer ‌alternative. The only ​real issue with these type lighters is to ⁤ensure that you have adequate USB power source(s) to charge them with. We have several portable charging banks available so⁢ this is ​not anticipated to ever be a problem. 5/5
I⁣ bought this⁤ electric⁣ lighter to ⁣lit up my gas⁢ stove, and this lighter so‍ far works well.⁢ And I found​ its battery‌ is very ‌longlasting, I have been using it for ⁤a⁣ year, and so far I‍ don’t need to charge it‍ at all. It would be great if the⁤ power switch is highlighted, because it has the ⁢same color as the sliding lid,​ making it hard⁣ to see. 4/5
Works really well for⁣ my candles! The battery lasts ‍a long time before you​ have to charge it. 5/5
I love ​that it rechargeable and comes with a cord. It⁣ words perfectly. Great for⁤ candle lovers. 5/5
I got this ​item and I was very excited about it… but in few months ‍it stop working. When I just got it ‍it ⁣used ⁣to‍ work​ for maybe around‍ a week or two. Now, I charge it and it says it’s charged but as soon as I try to use it with one⁤ candle all the battery ⁣goes away and doesn’t⁤ not work… so it was a waste of money :/ won’t buy it again. 2/5
Love ​this little ⁣device no more hunting down for a match or ‍a lighter. Rechargeable too! 5/5
I hate the way​ normal⁤ lighters look‍ just laying around so I thought this would be a great alternative.⁤ It⁤ does ‌look sleek and I don’t mind it just sitting on the counter or dresser. However, it⁢ doesn’t work all ⁣that well. It takes ‍a long time to light the wick. It kind of reminds me and my​ husband of ⁢a taser…it’s like a ⁣little zapping line in between‍ the ⁤metal pieces and you stick ⁢the ⁢wick ‌in the line to light it. 3/5
I ‌received it not too long ago and only⁢ had‌ the chance to⁣ try it ⁤a couple times but ⁤so far so good! ⁢I mainly⁣ use it to light ⁣candles and it works great. Love the fact that it’s rechargeable. 4/5
So it took all ‌my strength to get the button⁢ to slide⁣ from off to on. Once on I couldn’t for⁢ the life ⁤of⁤ me get it to​ slide back to off. Charged it….never sparked…..then the battery died. Will cost me more in gas and paper to return it. 2/5

Based on the reviews we analyzed, ⁣here’s what we found:

  • Most customers were satisfied with the performance and functionality ⁤of the SUPRUS ​Electric Lighter.
  • Customers ‌appreciated the fact that ‌these‌ lighters are rechargeable, eliminating the need for disposable matches or traditional ‌lighters.
  • Some customers experienced issues‌ with the charging function, with ‍one review mentioning a faulty unit. However, it’s ⁢important to note that the customer service⁢ response‍ in this case was exceptional.
  • A few⁢ customers​ found the power switch hard to see due to its color blending with the sliding lid.
  • The‍ majority of customers ​found the battery to ‌be long-lasting, providing a significant usage period before needing to recharge.
  • Customers who used ⁢the lighter for‌ lighting candles specifically⁢ praised its performance, longevity, and rechargeability.
  • However, a couple of customers expressed disappointment with the lighter’s functionality, reporting issues​ with the ⁢ignition and slow lighting time.
  • One customer mentioned⁤ difficulties with the ‌sliding⁢ button and experienced a ⁤dead battery shortly after⁣ purchase.
  • Despite some negative experiences, the overall satisfaction level‌ seems relatively high.

Ultimately, it’s‍ important to consider individual preferences and specific use cases when deciding whether ⁢the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is the right fit for you. Based on the feedback received, it appears to be a reliable and convenient ⁢option for various​ applications such as ⁣lighting candles, BBQs, and camping trips.

Pros & Cons

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1. Portable and lightweight design:⁢ The SUPRUS‌ Electric Lighter is easy to carry around, making ‌it convenient for BBQs, ⁣camping trips, hiking, and other ⁣outdoor activities.
2. Wind and splash proof:‍ The flameless plasma technology used in this lighter ensures‌ that it can ⁤withstand strong winds, making it ⁢perfect for lighting in bad weather conditions.
3. Battery notification: ⁢The upgraded ⁢SUPRUS arc lighter has ‌a real-time battery volume display, ⁣with four LED lights ⁢on the⁤ barrel indicating a full charge.
4. Safety⁣ protection design: This lighter has an automatic​ power-off chip and an external safety lock switch, providing increased safety. The child safety feature ‌requires pushing the safety lock switch⁣ first before pressing the ignition switch ⁢to work.
5. Versatile use: The SUPRUS ⁤Electric Lighter⁣ is not just for lighting candles,⁢ but can also be‍ used​ for BBQs, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks, and more.


  1. Limited​ battery life: While the ‌battery notification feature is helpful, the lighter may need to be recharged‌ frequently in order to maintain its functionality.
  2. Longer ignition ‍time: The igniting ‍spark of this lighter automatically stops after 7​ seconds, which may be inconvenient for users who ‍require longer ignition periods.
  3. Limited color options: The SUPRUS ​Electric Lighter is only‌ available in⁢ silver, which may not ‌suit​ everyone’s ⁢preferences.
  4. Fragile build: Some users have ⁣reported that the lighter ‌felt a bit flimsy and not as sturdy as expected.
  5. Price point: Compared ‍to traditional lighters, ‌the SUPRUS Electric Lighter may be‍ considered more expensive, especially for those who only use lighters occasionally.


    Spark Up Your Adventures with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter: A Flameless Wonder for BBQs, Camping, and More!插图5
    Q: Is⁣ the ⁣SUPRUS Electric​ Lighter easy to carry?

A: Absolutely!⁢ The SUPRUS Electric Lighter features a lightweight design, making ⁤it incredibly easy​ to ⁢carry around with you wherever you go. Whether⁤ you’re heading to a BBQ, going camping,‍ hiking, or simply need‌ a reliable ⁢lighter for candles, cooking, fireplaces, or fireworks, this⁣ lighter⁣ is your ⁣perfect companion.

Q: Can the SUPRUS Electric Lighter withstand ‌windy and splashy conditions?

A: Yes,​ it can! The electric lighter is ​equipped⁢ with flameless ⁤plasma ⁤technology, which prevents electrical pulses from being blown out by ‍strong winds. ⁣This feature makes it the perfect tool for lighting up even under bad weather conditions. So, whether ⁢it’s a windy ⁢day at the beach or⁤ a rainy camping‌ trip, you can⁣ rely on the ‌SUPRUS‍ Electric Lighter ⁤to spark up your adventures.

Q: Does the SUPRUS Electric Lighter indicate its battery status?

A: Absolutely! The upgraded⁤ SUPRUS arc lighter comes​ with a fantastic battery notification feature that‌ displays the real-time battery volume. ‍You can easily ⁢check the battery level by looking at the four LED lights​ on the barrel. Once all four lights are lit⁣ up,⁤ you’ll know that your lighter is ‍fully⁣ charged and ⁢ready to go.

Q: What comes with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter ​when you purchase it?

A: When you purchase the SUPRUS⁣ Electric Lighter, you’ll receive the rechargeable lighter itself, a⁣ USB charging cable, a gift box for safekeeping, and a user manual to⁢ help ⁢you get started. Additionally, you’ll have access⁢ to our 24-hour friendly ​customer ‌service, ensuring that all​ your needs and concerns are ⁤taken care of.

Q: ⁢Does the SUPRUS Electric Lighter have any ⁢safety features?

A: Yes,​ indeed! The SUPRUS Electric Lighter is designed with safety as a top‌ priority. It features a built-in ‌automatic power-off chip⁢ protection and an external safety‌ lock switch,⁢ both of which significantly enhance safety. To ignite the spark, you need to first push ​the safety lock⁢ switch, and then press ‍the⁢ ignition switch. The spark will ⁤auto-stop beyond 7⁣ seconds per igniting. If you need to restart ⁣the ⁤switch, the igniting spark ‌will ⁣reignite, giving you peace of mind‌ when using‍ this lighter.

In conclusion, the‌ SUPRUS Electric Lighter is a portable and convenient flameless wonder that⁢ will accompany you on ⁤all your adventures. With ​its wind and splash-proof capabilities, ⁤real-time battery ⁢notification, and added safety‍ features,‍ this lighter‌ is‌ perfect for BBQs, camping, hiking, candles, cooking, fireplaces, and more! ⁣So, why wait?​ Spark ‌up your adventures with the SUPRUS Electric ⁣Lighter today!

Discover the Power

Spark Up Your Adventures with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter: A Flameless Wonder for BBQs, Camping, and More!插图6
And there ‍you have it, ‌adventurers! The SUPRUS Electric Lighter, a flameless wonder that ⁢is sure ⁣to spark up your ‌outdoor ⁢escapades. From BBQs to camping trips, this⁣ sleek silver lighter is designed to make ⁢your life easier and safer.

With‌ its lightweight and‌ portable design, you can easily ⁣carry ⁤this lighter wherever you go. Whether ⁢you’re grilling ⁤burgers, hiking through the wilderness, setting ⁣the mood with candles, or ​enjoying a cozy night by the ‍fireplace, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter has got ⁢you covered.

No need to worry about windy or rainy ⁤conditions, as this lighter utilizes flameless plasma technology to ensure that strong winds won’t blow out your flame. It’s the perfect ⁣tool for⁤ lighting ⁤up your ⁣adventures ⁤even in‌ the toughest weather conditions.

Plus, the upgraded SUPRUS arc lighter displays real-time battery volume, so you’ll never be ⁢caught off guard by a dead battery. When ⁢you⁤ see all four ​LED lights on the barrel,‍ you know it’s fully charged and ready​ to go.

But safety is always​ our top priority,‌ which⁤ is why this lighter is designed​ with multiple safety⁣ features. The built-in‌ automatic‌ power-off ‌chip‌ protection and⁣ external safety lock switch⁢ provide peace of mind, especially when children are around. Just‍ remember to push the ​safety lock switch and then press ⁢the ignition switch to⁤ work, and the igniting spark will auto stop ‍after⁣ 7 seconds. Restart the switch, and the spark will re-ignite.

So, what are you waiting ⁤for, fellow adventurers? Don’t miss out on this ​portable and convenient SUPRUS Electric ⁣Lighter. Get your hands on​ this flameless wonder ‍now by‌ clicking on the link​ below:

Spark Up⁤ Your Adventures with⁢ the SUPRUS‌ Electric Lighter!

Happy ⁤exploring!

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